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Healthier Together


The future is built upon the habits we help our young people form today. Because of this, we partner with local schools to help nurture healthy eating habits in fun ways. Our goal is to strengthen real food awareness by creating opportunities for schools to raise funds for healthy snacks and edible education objectives.  


Here are some of the benefits of becoming a school partner: 


No Cost to the School!

Raise Money for Snacks/Real Food Initiatives

Enhance Wellness & Nutrition Learning Objectives

Bolster Community Support for Sustainable, Local Farms

Help Families Conveniently Choose Local Food

Promote Early Healthy Lifestyle Habits





The foundation of the Mother Earth School Partnership program includes two primary elements: creating a community of Mother Earth Produce supporters while earning rewards for your school's "Veggie Fund".  


Together, we reach out to staff and parents (Mother Earth Produce will provide marketing materials, flyers, social media contest package, monthly community initiative op-ed) to introduce Mother Earth to your school community and invite them to be home delivery customers. Each week, the number of bins ordered by your school's faculty/staff and parents will earn you points in your Veggie Fund. These points directly translate into dollars your school can spend on Mother Earth Produce fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks* or Educator Bins to encourage healthy eating habits in your school community.


*Can be used for all MEPD groceries- We carry many snack-worthy options in our grocery line: organic apples, peaches, carrots, pears, Roots Hummus, Naturalmond Peanut Butter, Granola Bars, Happy Cow Cheese..)  




Partnership Perks

Monthly Giveaways: We love getting your community excited about healthy eating opportunities and access to the fresh, local foods that we provide. To do this, we will provide monthly giveaways to encourage parents & staff to choose real food on a regular basis and order with Mother Earth Produce.


Special Events: We love being a part of learning. If you have an idea, just let us know and we'll be there with the veggie van, with bell peppers on!


We'd love to hear from you! 

The positive impact of local farming only grows stronger when we work together.


Contact Audra Walker, Community Relationship Specialist


M: 828-785-4133 ext 703




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