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This is where you can see itemsin your cart, and customize binswhen Harvest Menu comes outevery Friday at Noon. Items inyour cart at the deadline onNoon on Tuesday will beinvoiced and delivered.


  1. Add customizable bin ofchoice to your cart
  2. Go to the check out screen
  3. Click the red "customize bin"button
  4. From there, you should get abox with list of produce options.The top items are automaticallypopulated as they reflect thefixed options for the week. Tocustomize, add a "1" for yes, and"0" for no. Make sure to hitsubmit when you are finishedcustomizing.



This is where you can see an itemized order to be that is to be delivered on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday based on your address.



This is where you can see what items you have set to be recurring (as opposed to a one

time order), and the frequency of delivery (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). Items can be added and deleted from this field.



Going away or on vacation? Need to skip a delivery? Set the date you are leaving/returning. Setting vacation/away dates below will tell the system that you don't want your order delivered during the time-frame you specify - after the "when are you coming back?" date has  been reached, the system will automatically start your deliveries again - nothing further to do on your part. If you get back early, you can always click the "I'm Back Early - Start My Deliveries Again" button.



Invoice/Order History & Account Balance:

-View your past orders, the items contained in them, order totals, and print individual order invoices.


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